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182 Nassau Street, Suite 201
Princeton, New Jersey 08542

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*For GPS, use 15 Park Place
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Please contact Andrew Lieu, Partner if you have an inquiry or comment. Please consult our Team Directory for individual contact details.

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Roundview Capital is an SEC-registered investment advisor located in Princeton, New Jersey. When the number of our clients in a state meets that state's registration requirements, Roundview Capital will notice file in that state. This website provides general information about Roundview Capital and is not intended to offer investment or financial planning advice. The purpose of this site is to provide you with information about the firm and our investment philosophy, and to provide a means for you to contact us for further information. Please click here for additional Disclaimer and Regulatory Compliance Information.
Owls have long been symbols of wisdom and insight. They are uniquely gifted with outstanding vision because they are capable of fully rotating their heads and seeing in the dark. At Roundview Capital, we believe that each client benefits from our well-rounded team of professionals who have domain expertise in all core aspects of wealth management.